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Apple’s iPhone 5s is outselling the 5c by 3 to 1

March 10th, 2014    Posted in Apple News, Industry News

When the iPhone 5s and 5c went on sale, there was every reason to suspect that the more advanced 5S would draw more early adopters to the Apple stores than the 5C.According to the latest statistics from Mixpanel, a web and mobile analytics firm that handles 17 billion user actions per month, Apple’s iPhone 5s is about to account for 20 percent mark in overall iPhone market share.


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Apple Launched iPhone 5S/5C and iOS 7

September 11th, 2013    Posted in Apple News, Industry News

Tuesday Apple launched iOS 7, iPhone 5S and 5C as expected. What are the highlights for these new things? Let’s take a look.


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iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C: Everything You Need to Know

August 22nd, 2013    Posted in Apple News, Industry News

With Apple expected to launch new hardware next month, the rumor frenzy is building. Apple’s newly revamped iPhone lineup is expected to include the high-end “iPhone 5S,” a plastic “iPhone 5C,” and a low-end option with the legacy iPhone 4S. According to Japan’s Nikkei, both new iPhone models will hit store shelves on the 20th next month at SoftBank and KDDI.


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Words Came That Apple May Name Its New Product as iPhone 5S/5C

August 13th, 2013    Posted in Apple News, Industry News

It was confirmed by Japanese technology blog “MacOtakara” that the next two generations of iPhone   from Apple would be named as iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C.


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iPhone 5S With Larger Camera, New Fingerprint Technology, but Same Screen Size

April 15th, 2013    Posted in Apple News, Industry News

Brian White, Topeka analyst, stated a new research note to show his thoughts on new phone he named iPhone 5S. iPhone 5S was expected to be launched this summer. Obviously, Mr. White denied his previous conclusion that next generation iPhone has multiple screen size. He indicated that the screen size would the same with iPhone 5 according to a trade show in China.

In addition, the left side volum and mute buttons will be placed differently as a part leak from other info. The rumored fingerprint technology will be the new feature for iPhone 5S just like what Siri was to iPhone 4S. Read more

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The Latest News: iPhone 5S and iPad 5 Will be Unveiled on the iPhone Sixth Anniversary

March 22nd, 2013    Posted in Apple News, Industry News

There were various rumors about releasing time of the next generation iPhone and iPad. However, the latest news from Gizmorati reported that Apple would unveil iPhone 5S and iPad 5 on 29th June, iPhone 6th anniversary.

It was said that Apple would hold a special event called “Original Passion, New Ideas” to celebrate iPhone 6th anniversary. And the next generation iPhone and iPad will be launched during the activity. The launching place may be the Apple’s headquarter.

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iPhone 5S, iPhone Math or iPhone 6

January 25th, 2013    Posted in Apple News, Industry News

Apple blogs are abuzz with the hottest rumor during these cold winter days.

Apple is working on three new iPhone models that it plans to release during the next 12 months, according to a new report in Yahoo News.

iPhone 5S will be launched in June this year as most of the generations of iPhones was launched every year in June. It would be an upgrade to the current iPhone 5, and is a no-brainer.

A 4.8 inch “iPhone Math” sometime this summer, or at the same time as the 5S. It would compete directly with the larger, and red-hot, Samsung Galaxy S-3 phone.

A newer iPhone, possibly an iPhone 6, at the end of the year. It would come with iOS 7, feature a more powerful quad-core ARM Cortex-A15 processor, hold a 4-inch IPS variant display with a resolution of 1917*1080 pixels, have a better 12-megapixel camera, and likely include a fingerprint sensor for security purposes.

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