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Nokia’s first phablet Lumia 1520 will reportedly debut in late September

September 3rd, 2013    Posted in Industry News

After the release of the forthcoming new generation of iPhone on September 10th, the next exciting news might be the launch of Nokia Bandit phablet, which will be called the Nokia Lumia 1520, according to @evleaks.

We can see from the picture that the black phone on the left side maybe the 4.5-inch Lumia 1020, and the red one on the right must be the Lumia 1520 who features a 6-inch 1080p display and runs on Windows Phone 8. Placed next the Lumia 1520, the Lumia 1020 looks dainty. At the bottom of the screen, Lumia 1520 will be marked “”, which is standard on all Nokia tester devices.


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