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Parallels Access for iPad Brings Mac and PC to iPad

August 31st, 2013    Posted in Industry News

iPad, as the most popular tablet in the world, fails to do everything a PC or Mac can because plenty of apps work only on PC or Mac. With more and more people using iPads on-the-go, remotely accessing a computer from an iPad has long been practiced, but they tend to be difficult to use. Those programs present a traditional desktop to the user; they deliver a lot of control, but they’re unwieldy on touch-only devices. Parallel’s launch of Parallels Access for iPad on August, 27th, 2013 gives customers an entrance to enjoy native iPad gestures even in applications not optimized for iPad. It isn’t the only iPad app that can remotely control computers, but it does the best job of treating the computer programs it accesses as if they were iPad apps, without sacrificing functionality.


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