30% American Family has More than one iPad

BusinessInsider, which is a technology blog, recently investigated the use of its reader on the iPad. The investigation shows that over 30% users have more than one number at home.
Among a total of 855 feedback questionnaire survey, 30% number of iPad users have more than one, 69.9% number of users have only one, and even 2.2% users have more than 4 iPads.

According to the survay, 41% iPad users spend 2-5 hours on the iPad. Only 11.3% users spend less than 1 hour on iPad, and 2.8% users spend more than 8 hours on iPad.

In terms of iPad use, website occupies the first place, the ratio had reached 34.7%; email, Facebook, Twitter, and other communications functions in the second place, the proportion of 21.7%; share of video views, the game features were 12.3%.

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