40% More Demand on iPad 2 than the Original iPad

An interesting proprietary survey of over 2000 respondents in the United States was conducted on March 14-23. The survey result shows that the demand for the iPad 2 is 40% higher than the figure, which comes from a similar survey conducted in May 2010, for the original iPad. The number of respondents who are either “very likely” or “somewhat likely” to purchase an iPad 2 has grown by 40%.

For the Wi-Fi only iPad 2, the survey for the iPad 2 shows that customers are most interested in the 32 GB model, followed by the 16 GB model and finally the 64 GB model.

As for the 3G-capable model, the 64GB model is the most popular, with the 32 GB model in second place and the 16 GB model in third place.

According to the survey, 46% of 3G iPad 2 customers plan to use a Verizon iPad while only 30% of customers plan to utilize AT&T’s service.