An iPhone 5 Prototype Was Lost in a Bar

According to the news of CNET, an Apple employee lost an iPhone prototype in a Mexican restaurant, Cava 22, at San Francisco. Since Apple is believed to release the iPhone 5 on October, the lost device is probably a prototype of the upcoming iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 prototype lost in Cava 22

Apple managed to track the lost iPhone 5 to a two-floor home in the city’s Bernal Heights neighborhood. The man in his twenties, who apparently lived there, denied any knowledge of the lost iPhone. And Apple employees used to offer the man cash and a no questions asked agreement if he would return it.  He maintained that he had been at the bar on the night in question, but he had no knowledge of the device. CNET goes on to say the phone may have been sold on Craigslist for $200.

Last year an Apple engineer, Gray Powell, accidentally left an iPhone 4 prototype in a bar. The finder sold it to Gizmodo, a tech blog. The blog then proceeded to reveal the phone to the world.