A Mystery 64GB iPhone 4 Appears on the Internet

Vietnamese site Tinhte has put out two videos. On the video, a white iPhone 4 is running some “test version” of iOS with multitasking and search features that differ from existing models.

Instead of putting open apps in a bottom shelf that pops up, the white iPhone 4 in the video presents you with a page full of screens for running applications. They present the standard close button when long-pressed. The phone’s Spotlight search is also thrown into this screen, presumably to consolidate space.

However, we can see that the Calculator app uses an old icon, as does the Voice Memo app. So it is very likely that this white iPhone running an old version of iOS 4 that never came out.

The phone sports 64GB of internal memory. However, the iPhone 4 on the market only gets 16 GB version and 32GB one.