A Smaller and Cheaper iPhone?

Since the end of 2010, everyone is talking about the coming iPad 2 and iPhone 5. Based on the past experience, Apple will release the iPad 2 on February and the iPhone 5 around June or July. However, a report from Bloomberg suggests that 2011 might see more than one new iPhone hit the market.

smaller and cheaper iphone

In order to compete with the Android phones, Apple intends to release a less expensive iPhone this year. One possible new model Bloomberg’s source has seen is smaller and cheaper than the iPhone 4. The source said that Apple is considering selling this phone for $200 with no contract. And the smaller iPhone will be about two-thirds the size of the current iPhone and has no home button, and it may be revealed mid-year or it could get scrapped completely.

Besides of the smaller iPhone, rumor also showed that Apple is possible to release a dual-mode phone that would allow for use on both Verizon’s CDMA network and AT&T’s GSM network.

Moreover, news from Bloomberg reveals that Apple is developing a “universal SIM” card, something that has been rumored previously as a “soft SIM.”