Aiseesoft Releases 3D Converter for Mac

Aiseesoft has released 3D Converter for Mac, providing an ideal solution for Mac users who would like to convert standard 2D videos to fantastic 3D video files or convert 3D videos to 2D files or other types of 3D videos.

It offers up to 14 types of 3D modes as below:
1. Red/cyan anaglyph, monochrome;
2 .Red/cyan anaglyph, half color;
3. Red/cyan anaglyph, full color;
4. Red/cyan anaglyph, high quality Dubois;
5. Green/magenta anaglyph, monochrome;
6. Green/magenta anaglyph, half color;
7. Green/magenta anaglyph, full color;
8. Amber/blue anaglyph, monochrome;
9. Amber/blue anaglyph, half color;
10. Amber/blue anaglyph, full color
11. Side by Side (Half-Width)
12. Side by Side (Full)
13. Top and Bottom (Half-Height)
14. Top and Bottom (Full)

This Mac 3D Converter offers the default 3D video formats, such as MP4 Side by Side 3D Video (*mp4), MP4 Top and Bottom 3D Video (*mp4), MP4 Anaglyph 3D Video (*mp4), MKV Side by Side 3D Video (*.mkv), TS Side by Side 3D Video (*ts), etc. Users can choose the output video format and then set the 3D mode to customize their 3D video files. Also, the 3D video conversion software allows users to switch L/R image and change the 3D scene depth.

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