Apple Finally Unveiled iOS7 in WWDC

iOS 7 finally came out. And Ive didn’t let everyone down.

At Worldwide Developers Conference, Cook announced that iOS 7’s been the biggest change since iPhone’s release in 2007.As expected, iOS 7 features a major design, favoring a clean and gloss-less “flat” look.


iOS 7 adopts a set of bran-new color schemes. The whole interface shows visible semitransparent color.” Apps like, Calendar, Photo, Message and Game Center have been entirely different, with the removal of the felt and wood elements in favor of a design.

Hundreds of apps can be installed in the iOS 7 folder, removing the number limitation. The new Notification Center can be accessed from any screen including the Lock Screen so that user can conveniently know all info.

iOS 7 features a new wonderful function named Control Center. With it, user can access by swiping up from the bottom of the screen (Lock screen included). User can allows user to use Wi-Fi, turn on Airplane Mode, toggle Do Not Disturb, adjust brightness, and control music, among other things. Ever many users of iOS requested to add it and it comes finally.

Multitasking offers a small change too. Now it supports all apps, instead of specific apps. The new Multitasking can allow apps to update in back platform not to affect battery’s life. In addition, Multitasking can intelligently change and choose proper time to update apps (Under better network ).

Airdrop is the newly-added share tool. It can automatically tap contact. The content including photo, video, contacts and more can be sent to others by selecting the contact and content without setting network.

iOS 7 offers many changes in camera. The new camera app is equipped with various photo filter. It can make user conveniently see photos effect with photo filter. Square Camera Moments is included in iOS 7. With Moments feature, it can block photo and video automatically according to time and location. iCloud share supported, it allows user create some photo channel with family and friends to form photo steaming.

Safari is made with lots of updates including a new full screen look and a smart search field. Bookmark offers different showing ways. The introduced iCloud keychain is applied to iOS7 so as to make it input password more conveniently.

Siri gets improvement in voice. It becomes soft and natural. Furthermore, male voice is added. Siri integrates with Twitter voice search so that user can directly ask Siri what people say on Twitter.

The AppStore is redesigned completely in iOS 7. User can easily find apps.”Apps Near Me” allows  user to find hot apps that are in user nearby. Children category is offered in AppStore so that teachers and parents can find apps for children easily.

iOS 7is designed to connect with car system. The new system named iOS 7 in the Car is compatible with Siri, Maps and voice navigation etc, which allows user to make better use of iPhone and iPad.

iOS 7 Beta version has been provided to developers. Until this autumn the official version may be launched. iOS 7 can run on iPhone 4, iPad 2 and above modes,iPad Mini and iPod Touch 5.