Apple iPad 3 Will Have a Thinner, Lighter Battery

According to the, Simplo Technology and Dynapack International Technology have been awarded contracts to produce the battery for the Apple iPad 3.

The new battery will be thinner and lighter–which either open the door for a thinner design or make room for a potentially thicker high-resolution Retina display.

iPad 3 battery

According to the Taiwan Economic News, the iPad 3’s battery will cost Apple 20% to 30% more to make.

A number of rumors had suggested that Apple might be trying to release the iPad 3 before the end of this year, but recent reports have claimed that Apple and its partners are continuing to refine the Retina display rumored for inclusion in the device, pushing the iPad 3’s launch to early next year.

According to, no fewer than three manufacturers (LG Display, Samsung Electronics, and Sharp) have been tapped to supply the LCD panels in question. But in view of the nasty lawsuits between Apple and Samsung, the cooperation between the two companies is questionable.