Apple Will Bring New iPad Pro This Quarter

According to Ashok Kumar, an analyst at Rodman & Renshaw, Apple has begun production on an incremental upgrade for the iPad 2.

“Apple is…expected to roll out a premium version of iPad 2–a higher resolution screen, front-/rear- facing HD cameras–in the current quarter…”

“It looks like Hon Hai is going into production with this new SKU…”
The new iPad version will be released this quarter and will be available alongside the current iPad 2. It is said that the new tablet will be called the Apple iPad Pro, and it is for the professional market.

As a premium version of the iPad 2, the iPad Pro will feature front and rear facing HD cameras, and a higher resolution screen. Hopefully the iPad Pro will be able to upgrade to 4G.

As for the price of the new Apple iPad Pro, there are some different rumors. Some one believes that the iPad Pro will be severely higher than the current iPad 2, because it is aimed at the professional market. While others believes that iPad could launch at the iPad 2′s current price points, however, and Apple will then discount the iPad 2 in order to clear inventory.