At long last, iTunes 11 is now available to download

After a month-long delay, Apple finally released its revamped iTunes 11, the latest edition of its new multimedia platform, with iCoud integration, UpNext, redesigned store, and MiniPlayer. And the new iTunes app is a beauty, sleeker, skinnier and faster. It features a complete redesigned user-interface that is cleaner and simpler to use and manage your music and video collection with.

It’s fast

The first thing you notice when you fire up iTunes 11 is that it’s so much faster than its predecessor. iTunes hasn’t been fast in years. But now, it’s so fast. We can’t believe it is iTunes. Search, scrolling, anything—in any view—is all lightning quick now. That’s a huge change.

New interface

The interface of iTunes 11 is totally new with more whitespace. The old left-hand bar with Music, Movies, Podcasts, etc. is gone, replaced with a drop down in the top left of the app. You can toggle between the iTunes Store and your Library through a button in the upper right of the iTunes window. Also, you can switch back to the old artist, album, and song column view just like in iTunes 10 by clicking on View > Show Sidebar.

Additionally, the new interface includes a feature called “Expanded view”, which allows you to click an album to quickly and simply see all of the content within an album.

iCloud integration

The most important improvement is a deep integration with iCloud. Media that you have stored in iCloud will now be fully accessible via the player, not only in the iTunes Store. iCloud can also now remember where you left off while playing a movie, TV show, podcast, iTunes U lesson, or audiobook. Pause anytime, and you can pick it up later on another device.

New Mini Player

As you start playing around with iTunes 11, don’t forget that it ships with a completely updated MiniPlayer, with the ability to search directly from the small window. You can even manage your “Up Next” queue without opening the app.  That is to say, you can click the Up Next button to see which songs are playing next. And if what you see isn’t what you’re in the mood for, you can search your collection and choose a different song — without having to open your library.

To download the new version, head over to Apple’s website.