Google TV vs. Apple TV: Which will Appears in Your Sitting Room?

In September 2010, Steve Jobs announced the second-generation version of the Apple TV. While this could easily remind us another sounded similar product- Google TV, which was released on the Google I/O 2010 on May 19th, 2010. What is the difference between Apple TV and Google TV? Now I will make a comparison.

Actually, the two TVs are totally different products with different design concept. Google TV is designed to turn your HDTV to a widescreen multimedia computer, which allows you to surf the Internet on your TV. This design concept corresponds to Google identity– an Internet enterprise. While, Apple tries to avoid making TV become another computer in the family. The company only wants to make it simple to enjoy video, audio and photo on TV.

Google TV is an entertainment platform, which could be a set-top box – Logitech Revue or be pre-installed on TV- Sony Internet TV GT1. The built-in Chrome browser brings the web to your TV. With the keyboard, you could browse the entire web on your HDTV, such as YouTube, Google Search, Hulu, Facebook, etc. Then you could enjoy the YouTube video and online photo on your widescreen HDTV. Moreover, Google TV is based on the Android, which means it this web platform could apply numerous Android apps. For example, the Logitech TV Cam enables you to make a HD video call with others who have a free Logitech Vid account.

Apple TV is all about screaming. Users could get instant access to the classic and up-to-the-minute movies and TV shows from iTunes store. Beside of iTunes store, Apple TV also enables you to rent movie from Netflix. Also it supports YouTube and Flickr. You can browse and play YouTube videos, watch your favorite photo in Flickr, and listen to Internet radio, etc. Of course, you can enjoy the local movies, songs and photos in your computer through connecting Apple TV to the family networking. More excitingly, the upcoming iOS 4.2 will supports Airplay function. Users can stream music, photos, and video that you are playing on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch to Apple TV directly.