Hearsay: RIM Announces Tablet PC Plan next Week to Compete with iPad and Kindle

Sept. 22, it is reported that, in order to compete with Apple iPad and Amazon Kindle, RIM may make use of the Developers Conference to announce Tablet PC plan in next week.

There is hearsay that RIM may launch BlackPad to enter the Tablet PC Market this year. RIM acquires the domain of blackpad.com which exacerbates it.

Tablet PC is between smartphone and notebook, most of them are lack of keyboard, but the users can download books and videos, surf the Internet and send e-mails.

The report quotes an unnamed source who says that RIM Tablet PC will be configured 7-inch touch screen, one or two cameras, supporting the connection between bluetooth and broadband only through the BlackBerry smart phones connect with mobile network. This Tablet PC will use a new operating system which is developed by QNX Software Systems. RIM purchased QNX earlier this year; QNX open platform operating system is across multiple industries, including automotive, industrial, telecommunications, medical, defense, aviation and other fields.

The source says that RIM Tablet PC will be OEM by Quanta Taiwan China, using Marvell components.

RIM spokesman does not comment this matter, but the company executives says that they will provide the company’s strategic plan at the Developers Conference(DevCon) which will hold on September 27-30.