How is about new BlackBerry?

It was reported that  RIM launched a concerned Blackberry10 system on 30th January.  After two years of silence, The Blackberry finally began self Revolutionary Road and ended  an era of full keyboard. As for the this new release,  the major media  have various comment.  Here is  some summary of some insightful and  interesting points of view.

BlackBerryZ10 is cute, quick and efficient. It is different with the release of the iPhone, Android and WP phone, BlackBerryZ10.  And there is no functional defects. Especially the camera application is very good. – New York Times

BlackBerry 10 has some excellent ideas, but not outstanding innovation. It’s too late to the point that everything is like a generation behind. – CNNMoney

BlackBerryBalance is the unique selling point of the BlackBerry10, hidden deep in the selling point for the average user. Z10 and BB10  are not particularly.  It’s clean, obviously well thought out and running smoothly, but the lack of compelling applications. It is difficult to attract the non-smart phone user, the user will not win back the renegade.” BlackBerry will become a niche player in the long term. – The Guardian

The new BlackBerry is no longer with “Arkanoid” (BrickBreaker) game.  The United States Wall Street financial bigwigs marvel and they lamented another traditional pillar of Wall Street is about to disappear. – Wall Street Journal

Meanwhile, RIM will release two types of Phone based on Blackberry10 system.