How to install Flash on your iPad 2

The iPad 2 bring us lots of exciting new features, but the Flash is still not supported by the iPad 2, which is disappointing. Since Steve Jobs do not allow iPad 2 to support Flash, let us achieve it by ourselves. It’s not point-and-click simple, but it’s not that hard, either.

First of all, you need to make sure your iPad is jailbroken. It’s pretty easy — just run Spirit and you’re done.

Step 1: Download Frash.deb and keep it nearby.

Step 2: Get files onto your iPad. For Mac users, it’s dead simple — just install Netatalk, which will automatically pop up your iPad in the Finder’s Sharing list. Windows users can try out this guide at iClarified to get OpenSSH installed and running and use WinSCP — it’s just as easy. Either way, the login is “root” and the password is “alpine.” Remember, you can seriously screw things up while you’re in there, so be careful!

Step 3: Once you’ve got access to the iPad’s file system, navigate to /var/root/Media.

Step 4: Open Media and create a folder called “Cydia”. Open it and create another new folder called “AutoInstall”.

Step 5: Upload Frash.deb to your new “AutoInstall” folder and restart your iPad a couple times.

So there you have it — Flash on your iPad 2.