iOS 6.1, iPad 4 With 128GB Storage, What’s the Next Thing?

Apple released iOS 6.1 to the public Monday with more LTE support and Siri improvements. There’s now more carrier support for LTE, and Siri is now able to purchase movie tickets through Fandago. iTunes Math subscibers can now download individual songs from iCloud. Also, iOS 6.1 adds new button to reset the Advertising Identifier and Bluetooth keyboard compatibility to the Apple TV. The most exciting thing to Apple is the super fast adoption rate of iOS 6.1. Users are upgrading to the new software at a rapid pace. In three days, over 20% of Onswipe’s 13 milion+ monthly active iOS users have updated to 6.1 according to Onswipe’s data.

Then Apple unveiled its latest iPad in a press release Tuesday morning – a 128GB version of the iPad 4 with prices starting at $799. The 128 gigabyte WiFi iPad will cost $799, while a celluar version will retail for $929. The 128GB iPad is no different from the currently available fourth-generation iPad and is completely identical to its 16GB, 32GB and 64GB siblings. Both variants of the 128GB iPad are scheduled for a launch on February 5 in black and white – four days before the launch of Microsoft’s latest Surface, the Surface Pro.

What will be the next thing?