iOS 6 Upgrade: Three Things You Must Know

iOS 6 is out, and now you can upgrade wirelessly on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Below we offer some suggestion for updating iOS 6. Hope it’s helpful.

iOS 6 can be available over-the-air

To the users who have installed iOS 5, you can select to update iOS 6 wirelessly. This is to say, you won’t have to download the installation package of iOS 6, as long as you are on iOS 5. Because iOS 6 update is based on the basis of iOS 5 upgrade, reinstalling is not needed. It is easier to upgrade, which is why the new mobile operating system can capture the hearts of customers in a short amount of time.

To update your iDevice over the air, firstly connect your iDevice to power to avoid running out of battery which will stop the update. Secondly, backup your device. Backing up prior to updating is always a good idea, so make sure you backup before running this update, either via wirelessly to iCloud or via sync cable to computer. Thirdly, open the Settings app and then tap General -> Software Update. Just wait for your device to check for updates. When an available update is found, install it. Now don’t do anything with your iDevice while it does, just wait for the update to download and install.

Update via iTunes 10.7

Apple put out iTunes 10.7 update a full week ahead of the iOS 6 launch. If you have not download it yet, get it done right now. After you finish it, connect your iDevice to computer to get prepared. Make sure iTunes is open. Next, backup your device! iTunes may tell you iOS 6 is available for your iDevice, confirm that you want to install it. If not, click on your device in the iTunes sidebar and tap the Check for Updates button. When an update is found, install it. Now wait for the update to download and, when finished, confirm to install it. Just wait it to finish installing.

Some apps might be buggy

Not all your favorites will be ready to work on iOS 6. Incompatibility issues may occur. So you’d better get ready to wait for the problem to be solved or look around for better-maintained replacements.