iPhone 5: Five Most-likely New Features

It seems to be a tradition that Apple would release a new iPhone each year. And it has also become a calendar-marking event in the tech world. People are always enjoying predicting the new features of the next iPhone. Now the new 2011 is coming, rumors about the next iPhone have already begun.
Among all those new features of iPhone 5 conjectured on the internet, these five features are most likely to appear on the iPhone 5.
Working Antenna
Soon after the iPhone 4’s June launch, some users began complaining the smartphone dropped calls whenever they held the device a certain way: a problem quickly attributed to the exterior antenna rim.
Before the issue mutating into a genuine public relations crisis, Apple began offering free rubber bumpers, which cover the antenna rim, for iPhone 4 users.
According to the pictures about metal chassis of iPhone 5, the next iPhone echoes the design language of the iPhone 4. And the cut on both sides of the chassis seems to be designed to avoid the iPhone 4 Dead Grip.
White iPhone
Besides of the Dead Grip, the write iPhone 4 is also criticized. Some Apple fans have been waiting for the white iPhone 4 for half years.
The iPhone 4’s body incorporates two panes of chemically strengthened aluminosilicate glass. The tinted-white glass may allow too much light into the smartphone’s interior, affecting its camera module.
Probably, the consumers have to expect the write version of iPhone 5 instead of iPhone 4.
3G-Enabled FaceTime
iPhone 4 brings us FaceTime, which enables users to have a video call over Wi-Fi. During Apple’s 2010 Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple CEO Steve Jobs indicated that his company was negotiating with carriers over offering a 3G-enabled version. While the 3G-enabled FaceTime is quite likely appears in the iPhone 5.
Upgraded Hardware
Apple released a new iPhone with an upgraded hardware yearly during the past four years. So there is no doubt about hardware upgrading of iPhone 5 – the megapixels of the next iPhone’s dual cameras and even the iPhone’s A4 processor, etc.
New iOS
Apple has already introduced several variants to iOS 4. Considering the rapid rise of Google Android, Apple seems to be accelerating both the pace and the extensiveness of each new iOS version. And the new iOS version will be probably released together with the next iPhone.