iPhone 5 Will be Released on September 12

Apple officially sent out the invitation for a media event today. The event will be hold at Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco at 10 am on September 12.

“It’s almost here,” the email invite said, with a huge “12” underneath. The number 12 represent the date of the event obviously. And the 12 casts a shadow in the shape of the number 5, which may be a hint that the next generation iPhone to be released will be named as the iPhone 5.

Actually the rumors of the iPhone 5 have been surfacing for months. It is believed that the new iPhone 5 will get a larger screen (4 inch). And it will run the latest iOS 6.

September will be a buy month for major technology announcements. Besides of the Apple media event on September 12,

Nokia and Microsoft are holding a joint news conference to introduce the new Windows Phone 8 in New York on Wednesday, and Motorola Mobility will host its own event a few hours later. On Thursday, Amazon will host an event in Santa Monica for a new Kindle device and maybe its own smartphone. HTC will unveil an Android smartphone with a 5-inch screen on September 19th in New York City. It’s also likely that HTC will debut Windows Phone 8 devices at this event.

Samsung Galaxy S3 has surpassed the iPhone 4S for the first time as the best-selling smartphone in the U.S in the month of August. It is more likely that people are waiting for Apple’s new iPhone 5, and postpone the plan of buying a new phone.

We will see whether the new iPhone 5 will stimulate customers’ desire for purchasing, and recapture the title of the best-selling smartphone.

There is still no evidence whether the iPad mini will be released together with iPhone 5. I’m afraid that we have to wait until the beginning of the media event on September 12.