iPhone 5 – Will Tim Cook’s First Masterpiece Win the War with Android and Windows?

The next generation of iPhone (iPhone 5) is now the most popular topic among Apple fans and everyone interested in smartphone and even investor. The rumor said that the iPhone 5 will release at Sep. 12, 2012 and shipped by Sep 21. This has not been confirmed by Apple anyway. However, there is some clues that Sprint drops that price of the iPhone 4s to $49 after a mail-in rebate for a $100 American Express gift card, which means that the next generation of iPhone will be released.


The iPhone 5 is the first iPhone product that Tim Cook made. The iPhone 4S, some said, means iPhone for Steve and also said that Jobs made the iPhone 4S and the new iPad. Tim Cook just publishes them. Now the iPhone 5 is the real Tim Cook’s product. Can he win the war with Google Android and Microsoft Windows Phone and continue the Apple Miracle.


According to the report from Gartner, Android shares the 64.1% of the smartphone market and the second place is iOS which takes 18.8% and the following is Symbian, Research in Motion, Bada and Microsoft and others. Analysts is very optimistic to the release of iPhone 5, although the second quarter Apple sold 28.9 million of iPhones, which is 12.6% decrease compare with the first 3 months of 2012. In the Android Market, Samsung is the biggest competitor of Apple. Before Apple releases the iPhone 5, Samsung will release the Galaxy Note 2 on Aug. 29, 2012 with a 5.5 inches screen and with 13 megapixel camera and a 1.6 GHz quad-core Exynos processor accompanied by a 2 GB RAM. It is expected that Apple iPhone 5 will also has a bigger display than the iPhone 4S and other changes. Analysts said these new features will make iPhone users a big will to update their devices.


Some said that iPad mini will be released together with iPhone 5 to share the market of the 7-inch tablet market. Rumor also said that Jobs once considered seriously about the 7-inch iPad, which is more convenient to take and lower price. If this is true, Android and Windows Tablet will meet unprecedented challenges ever.


About the changes of the next generation of iPhone and iPad, not all the people give it a nice future. Some analysts worry about those changes will lose some of the loyal fans of Apple who come along with Apple from the first iPhone. Who will win the war of smartphone? Samsung? Apple? Or Microsoft Phone? Can you imagine which brand will be the most popular smartphone company after ten years? Or will people use the smartphone or not after ten years? Maybe the Glasses will replace smartphone at that time.