How to Use iPhone Health App and Fix Its not Working Problem

What is Apple Health

health app icon

Health app designed by Apple and released on iOS 8 is an app to track all the data related to your overall health. Health app has four categories: Acitivity, Sleep, Mindfulness and Nutrition.

health app interface

Activity: combines data from your iOS device with data from third-party fitness apps. Like steps and flights climbed can be tracked using the built-in barometer. If you have Apple Watch, your Watch can automatically records movements like how often you stand, how much your exercise and your all-day calorie burn.

Sleep: The new Bedtime tab in the Clock app helps you establish a target bedtime and wake time. It also lets you visualize your sleep pattern. It collect data from both itself and third-party sleep apps.

Mindfulness: Health adds up the numbers from other apps to show you how much time you’ve spent being mindful.

Nutrition: Shows all the data of carbs, calories, caffeine and other important nutritional metrics in here by collecting data from third-party apps.

Moreover, iPhone Health app can also track other data like body measurement, blood pressure and blood glucose record, etc. You can also set up medical ID, sign up organ donation and save records through Health.


How to turn on the Health app on iPhone

Open the Health app from your Home screen. Tap the Health Data to set up and view information that the Health app tracks. You can also edit your profile by tapping the upper right side of the icon. To get started, tap the Activity where will show your health statistics with the timeframe including Day, Week, Month or Year. You can also get more data by downloading a health and fitness application to let Health collect data from it.


How to track data from health and fitness apps

  1. Download app recommended by Health category, like Activity or use your current health app.
  2. Install the app, launch it and set up the app to send data to the Health app.
  3. Open Health, tap Sources and tap the app. Turn on the categories you want to see data from the Health app.


How to add or remove a card to the dashboard

Add a new card to the screen:

  1. Tap Health data button at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Tap the category you want to show on the dashboard like “Sleep” and tap specific health metric you want to show on dashboard in that category like “Sleep Analysis”
  3. On the metric’s screen, toggle “Show on Dashboard” switch to ON (green), then it will show on your Health dashboard.

Remove a card from the screen:

  1. Tap the card to go to the health metric’s screen.
  2. Toggle “Show on Dashboard” switch to OFF (white). The card will be removed from your main screen.


How to view your daily health data

Tap Today button on the bottom of the app and see your stats for today. To view health data from another day, tap a different date on the calendar.

You can also manually enter your health data as following:

  1. Tap Health Data and tap a health category like Vitals.
  2. Tap a data type like Blood Pressure and Tap “+”.
  3. Enter the data like date, time and others for that activity and tap Add after finishing.

view daily health data


How to set up the Medical ID card and add emergency contacts to your iPhone

  1. Tap Medical ID button in the Health app.
  2. Select your contacts card from your iPhone’s contacts to tell Medical ID who you are.
  3. Enter any information you want including your allergies, emergency contacts, blood type and organ donor status.
  4. Make sure “Show When Locked” is enabled (toggle to green) so others can access your Medical ID card from your iPhone’s lock screen.


How to back up your health information

  1. Save the information stored in your Health app by backing up your iOS device with iCloud.
  2. Or you can back up your information by encrypting your iTunes backup.


iPhone Health app not working, here is the fix

health app not working

If you occur Health app data not being recorded, here might be caused by mistuning settings inside Privacy. If you find your Health app is not counting steps or not working, you can follow the steps to fix it:

health app privacy settings

  1. Open the Settings app and navigate to Privacy.
  2. Locate Motion and Fitness and tap it to open the settings.
  3. There are two toggle switches inside- Fitness Tracking and Health. If the Health switch is turned off, you need to turn it on to see their daily progress in the Health app dashboard.

However, if the settings are fine, then you can check if the data is being collected but not appearing on the dashboard. To fix this issue, check the following steps:

health app settings

  1. Open the Health app and tap on Health Data and located Fitness to tap on it.
  2. Tap on Walking + Running Distance, and on the next screen toggle Show on Dashboard switch on.
  3. When the button is turned on, the dashboard would show data like steps count, hours of sleeps, nutrition information, etc.

If the above methods are still not working, you may need to find the authorized Apple Support nearby to check the problem. If your iPhone is jailbroken, you can also check whether any other app is blocking the Health app or not.


That is the detailed guide of using iPhone Health app, want to know more tips? Leave us comment and we will add more tips in other articles according to your requirement.