Microsoft Unveils Windows 8 Tablet – Surface

On Monday, Steve Ballmer, Microsoft’s chief executive, was on hand to announce the new tablet at Milk Studios in Los Angeles. The tablet of this software giant is called Surface. And it gets two modes: one tablet for Windows 8 RT running on Nvidia’s ARM processor, and one for Windows 8 Pro, running on Intel’s Ivy Bridge (using the i5 core).

The Surface for Windows 8 RT weighs 676 grams and is 9.3 mm thick. By way of comparison, the iPad weighs 652 grams and measures 9.4 mm thick. Using a 10.6-inch ClearType HD display, this Microsoft tablet includes USB 2.0, Micro HD, and microSD options for connectivity.
The Surface for Windows 8 Pro is heavier, at 903 grams, and thicker at 13.5 mm. It also includes the 10.6-inch ClearType display, but Microsoft’s spec sheets say it is “Full HD.” It includes USB 3.0 along with microSD, and a Mini DisplayPort Video–so users can send video to a full screen or other compatible display. Moreover, this Window 8 Pro Surface owns the ability to run apps designed originally for Windows PCs.
The display uses Corning’s Gorilla Glass. The device also includes a built-in kickstand, made with the same material and integrated so that it doesn’t stick out or add very much to the Surface’s weight (it is .7 mm thick and fits into the device).
Microsoft also did something innovative with its new tablet covers. The Touch Cover for the Surface tablets is 3mm thick and owns a keyboard and trackpad on the inside of the cover.
The accelerometer in the cover can measure the force of each finger, which means users can both rest hands on the keyboard and type with the hardware distinguishing between the actions.
It is also claimed that the typing on the Touch Cover is twice as efficient here as opposed to glass, and that the keyboard samples 10x faster than any actual keyboard. The Surface OS can recognize when its folded behind the back of the tablet (indicating the keyboard should be switched off).
For users who are uncomfortable with virtual keys, there’s the Type Cover. It connects to the Surface in the same way, but provides a tactile keyboard with touchpad.
When Windows 8 launches this fall, Microsoft will sell the tablets through its own online and retail stores and nowhere else.