Minor Physical Changes, Larger Battery on iPad 3

RepairLabs has just releases a photo of what is claimed to the inside of the rear shell of the iPad 3. This photo came from an industry insider in China. Compared with an iPad 2 case, the mounts of the iPad 3 shell for the logic board were quite different. One of the most notable is an apparently narrower logic board that could make room for an expanded battery.

The report also points out slight differences to the locations where the iPad’s rear camera and LCD display mount to the rear casing. While those changes obviously do not offer any evidence of enhancements for the components themselves, they do suggest that Apple has at least tweaked their designs from the current iPad.

According to other sources of The Verge, the Apple A6 chip that will be installed in the iPad 3 will not be quad-core but will be dual-core instead. The CPU, Appleā€™s A6, will be more powerful than the A5 chip found in the iPad 2.

The report also says that the iPad 3 will feature a true iPad Retina Display which will feature 2048 x 1536 resolution. As for the design, it will apparently be very similar to the iPad 2 but will be about 1mm thicker.