Samsung Galaxy SIV With the Coolest Features?

The Samsung Galaxy S4, the next expected Samsung flagship device, is finally here! The phone is very similar to the one from rumors. It is expectedly featured and even more. Let’s have a look at some of the amazing features below!



The Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with Smart Scroll. You can use your phone through eyes moves to scroll. It will automatically play when you’re watching video; it pauses when your eyes are out of the video and resumes as soon as you look back. But the functionality is restricted to the video feature in case of accidentally scrolling. Samsung has reached a new level with this feature.

Another unique feature added in the phone is called the “Air Gesture”. You can control the phone by moving your hand over the phone. There is no need to touch the phone any more. The feature supports even browsing web pages, handing over mail and messages, dialing number and enlarging the web pages. What’s more, you can still freely operate S4 when wearing gloves in winner.

Apart from these two features, Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with S Translate feature. It works for 9 languages including French, German, English, Italian, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese and Portuguese etc. S Translate can shift between text and voice. It will bring great convenience for people’s travelling.

For another powerful feature, it is the camera. The Samsung Galaxy SIV comes with a 13 MP rear end snapper and a basic 2 MP front camera. Samsung provides dual-shot option, i.e the option to click photos with both cameras together. This not only provides a complete perspective but captures multiple details. Additionally, Samsung has also taken lessons from competitors. You can also add audio to your pictures! Another brilliant camera feature is the ability to erase elements from your pictures.

Samsung Galaxy S4 is not available until the end of the April. It’s still a secret about the price. However, all good things are worth of waiting and expected. It seems that Samsung comes with the best in the phone. And as for competition with Apple on their home turf, do you think Samsung will win this round?