Sony will Launch Firefox OS Device Next Year

After the cooperation between LG, Huawei and Mozilla, Sony stated that they will release Firefox OS device next year as well. It’s a good start that Firefox has got support from five manufactures plus ZTE and Alcatel.

Compared with the other four manufactures, Sony, as old-brand electronic equipment one, ever thought about developing their own mobile OS. But Sony made Sony Ericsson with Nokia Symbian later. And then Sony joined Android camp. There have been voices that Sony launched Windows Phone, but it seems that Sony have more interest in emerging marketing. Firefox OS is completely based on open network technology. The developer needn’t leech to system of Google, Apple or some tycoon, but develop based on single technical framework (HTML5/CSS/JavaScript) and then distribute it through internet. Firefox OS is the one suit for the emerging market.

We’re looking forward to the new device to see whether it can bring another surprise to the world.