Steve Jobs Involved with Redesign of the Next Generation iPhone With Larger Screen

According to the report of Bloomberg, Apple will launch the new iPhone with a large screen. And it is believed that Steve Jobs was closely involved with the development of the next iPhone, which means that he was overseeing the redesign of the phone right up until his death late last year.

Bloomberg said that Apple had placed orders with a supplier for screens larger than 3.5-inches. The report doesn’t mention what the new size of the screen will be, although The Wall Street Journal and Reuters both believe it will be 4-inches.

Now plenty of Android smartphones are equipped with larger screen than iPhone. For instance the recently launched Samsung Galaxy S III owns a 4.8-inch screen. Now Apple needs to try to make the iPhone more appealing to users who are opting for Android-based smartphones with a larger screen.

Apple is expected to launch the next generation iPhone in October, which is rumored to feature an all-new design,  come with 1GB RAM, powered by a variant of A5X chip, support 4G LTE network and sport a smaller dock connector.

In addition, Apple has seized control of the domain name after filing a complaint to the World Intellectual Property Organization. Maybe it’s an indication that the next iPhone will be called the iPhone 5.