Tech Giants Change the World through Your Eyes

Sony HMZ-T3W wearable display is now available for pre-order for $999 in the US. It is worn on your head and gives you the illusion of sitting 65 feet away from an enormous 750-inch screen. It supports 2D or 3D, using dual HD OLED screens to display the image right in front of your eyes. The HMZ-T3W plugs into smartphones and tablets via MHL or micro-HDMI. One of our favorite features is that it is portable and battery operated, making it much more useful for travelers.


Google Glass gets transit directions via the new XE10 update on October 7, as long as you’ve paired it with an Android phone.  If you are a lucky Google Glass owner, you can now see both the stops they’ll need and the time it will take to reach their destination.


Another piece of good news is that Google Glass will get an App store soon, delivered via a Google+ post by Glass Developer Advocate Timothy Jordan:

As of today, you can submit your Glassware for review. Completing the Glassware review process will make your Glassware eligible to show on MyGlass and eligible to receive quota beyond the testing limit.

Samsung will launch a Google Glass competitor, currently dubbed the Galaxy Gear Glass, sometime in Q2 2014 an insider claims, supposedly expanding its wearable family with a head-worn computer. The work-in-progress gadget is expected to arrive in April or May next year, according to industry insider Eldar Murtazin.