The First iOS 4.3 App Appears

Although we still have no idea when the iOS 4.3 will be available for consumers, the impatient developers have already approved an app named StreamToMe for iOS 4.3. This is the first iOS 4.3 app, which utilize the new iOS 4.3 feature: allow third-party apps to stream video directly to second general Apple TV’s via AirPlay.

The app lets you stream movies, music, and photos from home computers to iOS devices without the need to sync.

The first beta of iOS 3.2 added a number of features to the iOS platform, including the Wi-Fi hotspot feature, wider support for third-party video streaming via AirPlay, other small tweaks, and five-finger multitouch gestures.

The newly released iOS 4.3 Beta 2 adds some exciting new features: FaceTime, Camera, and PhotoBooth.

It is very likely that the iOS 4.3 will be released with the arrival of iPad 2. The iOS 4.2.5 will launch alongside the Verizon iPhone on February 3, so it is very likely that we will see the iPad 2 launch with iOS 4.3 for all iOS devices.