The iPhone 5 Was Released With the Same Design as Predictions

Finally the iPhone 5 is coming, which is later more than a year since we first expected its coming last year. Rumors about the iPhone 5 have been flooded around for mothers. The media event today shows that the iPhone 5 is fully consistent with the prediction before.

Philip Schiller, senior vice president of Apple, said, “iPhone 5 is the most beautiful consumer device that we’ve ever created. We’ve packed an amazing amount of innovation and advanced technology into a thin and light, jewel-like device with a stunning 4-inch Retina display, blazing fast A6 chip, ultra fast wireless, even longer battery life; and we think customers are going to love it.”

The new iPhone 5 is equipped with a 4 inch retina display with 1136-by-640-pixel resolution at 326 ppi. Also it is 7.6mm thick (18% thinner than iPhone 4S) and 112g weight (20% lighter than iPhone 4S). With the A6 processor, the iPhone 5 is two times faster than iPhone 4S.

Also the iPhone 5 gets a redesigned dock connector, which is called the “Lightning Connector”, And it is reversible.

The headphone of iPhone 5 is one of the exciting spots. The new headphone is called EarPods, which gets two ports: one on the inside leading directly to the ear, one on the outside and one on the stem. The design of two ports will maximize sound quality.

Also the new iPhone 5 runs the iOS 6, which is the latest operating system of Apple. And it supports the 4G LTE. And it will come to U.S., Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore and the U.K. on September 21.