The Newest MacBook – Apple’s Thinnest Laptop Ever

Apple’s New MacBook is a totally different machine, not just a spec update or an incremental upgrade.


The new ultrathin 12-inch MacBook laptop features Retina Display, a new touch-sensitive trackpad and a new port for data transfer and charging in a single connector. It’s also the first MacBook without a fan, and it uses Intel’s new low-power  Core M processor, which allows for longer battery life and a thinner design than past generations of similar Intel chips.

Everything about the MacBook is about beauty, whether it’s the single USB-C port on the left side—the only port on the entire device save for a headphone jack on the right—or the new Gold, Space Gray, and Silver colors. The Gold is actually much more handsome than gaudy, while the Space Gray is dark and sleek, fitting for a device that’s so, so very thin.

It’s a clear indication that Apple values form and beauty first and foremost. But it’s expensive—starting at $1,299. It’s also a little underpowered for such an expensive machine. But good lord is it beautiful.