Thirty VS Thirteen, Samsung is Twice Higher than Apple in Smart Phone Sales

According to the 2013 Q2 financial statement released by Samsung, the sales of Samsung in the second quarter of this year is 57.46 trillion KRW (about 51.75 billion $), business profit 9.53 trillion KRW (about 8.58 billion $), with net profit being up to 6.8 billion dollars, 50% higher than last year. In terms of sales of smart phones, Strategy Analytics and IDC released their own statistics separately. Both show that Samsung occupies one third (more than 30%) of global smart phone market with over 70 million sales. While Apple came next, occupies 13% market share with 31 million sales.

Based on the statistic of Strategy Analytics, in the second quarter of this year, Samsung sold 76 million smart phones, occupying 33.1% of the market share while those numbers of Apple are 31.2 million and 13.6%. What come next are LG, ZTE and Huawei, the sales are 12.1 million, 11.5 million and 11.1 million.


The statistics of IDC is a little different. It shows that the sales volume of Samsung smart phones in Q2 is 72.4 million, market share being 30.4%. The Apple’s sales volume is 31.2 million, which remains the same as the official data. What come next are LG, Lenovo and ZTE, with sales volume being 12.1 million, 11.3 million and 10.1 million. Huawei is not listed in top 5 in IDC’s statistics.

According to the IDC’s statistics, in the whole cell phone market, including smart and non-smart phones, Samsung still ranks the first with 113.4 million sales and 26.2% market share. Nokia comes second with 61.1 million sales and 14.1% market share.

On the basis of IDC’s statistics, the global sales volume of smart phones is 237.9 million and that of cell phones is 432.1 million. While the Strategy Analytics has only the data of smart phones, which is nearly 230 million.