White iPhone 4 Has Already Been Available in Belgium and Italy

As we all know that the white iPhone 4 is coming today. Apple’s distribution channels now have stock in position for immediate availability as soon as the launch occurs.
Engadget posts photos of a shipment of white iPhone 4s that have reportedly arrived at a Belgian retailer just ahead of the launch.

Some retailers have jumped the gun and begun selling units to customers.
One Belgium users wrote that he had just purchased a white iPhone 4 through a Mobistar retail shop in Antwerp. He said that the white iPhone is already available for general sale to all customers.

We could see from photos sent by the customer in Belgium that the unit is shipping with the same iOS 4.3.1 Build 8G4 to that of the GSM iPhone 4 in late March.

And the proximity sensor area on the front panel of the white iPhone 4 is redesigned, utilizing a relatively large, lozenge-shaped area above the earpiece as opposed to the grille of small holes seen in early designs.

News shows that the white iPhone 4 is also available in Italy.