Will iPhone 5 be Release in Q3 with 4-Inch Screen, Metal Chassis?

iPhone 5 has been in the trial production, reported by China Times and will be produced in the 3rd Quarter of this year. The additional information from the Chinese newspaper seems to prove the previous rumors that the iPhone 5 will be in a metal chassis to improve antenna sensitivity as well as a 4-inch touch screen.

The new iPhone 5 is like an iPhone 4 frame pointed by lots of the rumors so far. Concluded from old rumors, an iPhone 5 parts video that surfaced back in January may have actually been an early look at the iPhone 5 casing (photo above).
Actually the video first revealed the new antenna dividers found on the Verizon iPhone, but also included a SIM card slot which does not appear in the Verizon iPhone. So people believe that the iPhone 5 may support both CDMA and GSM networks. A Qualcomm chip that can support both networks is found out to use in the verizon iPhone.