Windows Phone 8: Support NFC integration of Skype

Microsoft has just finished a period of internal release product video was leaked to website PocketNow focus on mobile devices reported on Thursday. This video of the latest smartphone product, Windows Phone 8 Apollo performance, originally provided for a reference to Microsoft’s smartphone partners.

To the study of the video, some analysts said that Windows Phone Mango is a very stable platform, compared with the Android run faster, smoother response. However, when compared to Microsoft, Apple, and Google products, find that Windows Phone always miss some attractive features. Prior to Windows Phone project leader Joey Bell , Phil , Joe Belfiore, has said that Microsoft will launch a new product in the fourth quarter of 2012 , it now appears likely that this Windows Phone 8 Apollo.

To the hardware, Microsoft is under a lot of effort to improve the quality of the entire mobile phone to a new level , the product will support multi-core processing technology , the NFC complete microSD card storage. Apollo will also support four kinds of different screen resolutions, but Bell Phil temporarily unwilling to confirm these details.

The PocketNow introduced, developers should be welcome this product, they can quite easily be a Windows 8 applications ported to Windows Phone platform up. This is because the two operating systems will use a similar interface. NFC technology allows users to easily information between many Windows 8 devices “click and share”.

While Microsoft has been promoting its Tango video chat application, but the company’s acquisition of Skype industry is not worthless. Windows 8 still will integrate Skype, and will greatly improve the quality of the audio calls and video calls. Microsoft is expected to be officially on sale at the Apollo, the market should have been more than 10 million lines of application. While developers also should be given the development code, and will be able to integrate communication functions between applications.

In addition PocketNow said that the Apollo will be the use of data to the DataSmart a named technical support. This feature will give priority to a wireless hotspot link; the IE browser will be compressed placed in a built-in server-side, thereby reducing the share of the data. In addition, the Local Scout, the module will help users to automatically find nearby hot spots, and with the link.

Windows has always been a giant among enterprise applications, and Windows Phone is also about to show its dominant state. Apollo will support BitLocker full disk encryption options, each enterprise’s own dedicated application can also be installed within the corporate firewall.