Words Came That Apple May Name Its New Product as iPhone 5S/5C

It was confirmed by Japanese technology blog “MacOtakara” that the next two generations of iPhone   from Apple would be named as iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C.


Not long ago, it was said that the next generation of iPhone’ appearance design might be similar with iPhone 5 and be named as “iPhone 5S”. It was inferred from the earlier example that the designs of iPhone 4S and iPhone 3GS resembled that of iPhone 4 and iPhone 3G.

But Apple named its third generation of iPad as “New iPad”, not “iPad 3”, which surprised most people. Thus, the naming of iPhone5s has great significance to that of Apple’s future products.

The low-cost and plastic-shell iPhone will be named as iPhone 5C. Some pictures of the phone were showed on the Internet earlier. It’s not clear what it means by “C” in iPhone 5C until now. Some insiders speculate that it might be the acronym of “color”. Similar with the newly released iPod Touch, the plastic shell iPhone may be colorful.

The low-priced version of iPhone would be named as iPhone 5C, which was firstly broadcast by American science and technology blog Business Insider. The prediction from MacOtakara that small iPad would be named as “iPad mini” last year turned out to be true. But the forecast was reasonable considering that Apple had named “iPod mini” and “Mac mini”.

The fingerprint scanner will be added on the “Home” button of iPhone 5S for login authentication and the button might be made from sapphire crystal, which is different from iPhone 5.

MacOtakara broadcast at the same time that the icon on the “Home” button of iPhone 5S would be removed to avoid confusion because the “Home” button was no longer for control only. It served as fingerprint scanner, too. The design of iPhone hasn’t experienced too much change since it was launched in 2007.

Apart from fingerprint scanner, the new version of iPhone may have upgraded voice and camera functions, which is similar to other iPhone products whose names contain “S”. The broadcast from MacOtakara shows that iPhone 5S will also be equipped with 8 million pixel camera, the quality improved and aperture upgraded to F2.0. In addition, there will be gold version of iPhone 5S.

The latest news shows that Apple will hold its release conference to launch the next generation of iPhone on September, 10th.